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A Bit About Me

I began work in design as a marketing intern while getting my bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Marketing at Stevenson University. After University I got a job as a Multimedia Specialist and achieved a master’s degree in Media Design from Full Sail University while working full time!


I love reading and audiobooks, if you have a great book to read, please share! I also watch a lot of movies and shows revolving around superheroes. Remember, "With great design comes great responsibility."

My Process

Step 1: Meeting and Briefing

First I talk to my client about the task I was given.

I make sure I understand the project, clear up any problems, etc. Then I make notes on the process and follow up with any questions I may have. Once that is complete, it's time to get down to business!

(Photo by Alex Schmidt)


Step 2: Brainstorming and Research

I’ll jot down ideas and create simple sketches to get a full scope of the project visually. Then I research! (Whether it’s for backgrounds, colors, patterns, typography, or information.) Then comes even more brainstorming! After I figure out a bit more information I create even more lists and sketches, refining my idea to get a few options. I'll keep repeating this process until I have a good idea of what my client wants and I go back to step 1 if need be!

Step 3: Design and Adjustments

If I had superpowers, I would be “Queen Draft” or “Mock-up Monster”(depending on my mood that day). In my opinion, design is never complete, there is always a way to make something more concise or a new trend going around. I send off a project once it checks off a few of my personal criteria. Will it work for my client? Is it easy to understand and read? Will it make my client happy?

Every project is different, but to wrap things up I make sure my clients have every deliverable they need.


Did you know....

I'm on Redbubble!

I have a few designs you can purchase on Redbubble. They are mostly illustrations printed onto phone cases, mugs, greeting cards, and etc.  that have a little fun mixed in!

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