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A Bit About Me

I began work in design as a marketing intern while getting my bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Marketing at Stevenson University. After University I got a job as a Multimedia Specialist and achieved a master’s degree in Media Design from Full Sail University while working full time!


I love reading and audiobooks, if you have a great book to read, please share! I also watch a lot of movies and shows revolving around superheroes. Remember, "With great design comes great responsibility."

My Process

Step 1: Meeting and Briefing

First I talk to my client about the task I was given.

I make sure I understand the project, clear up any problems, etc. Then I make notes on the process and follow up with any questions I may have. Once that is complete, it's time to get down to business!

(Photo by Alex Schmidt)


Step 2: Brainstorming and Research

I’ll jot down ideas and create simple sketches to get a full scope of the project visually. Then I research! (Whether it’s for backgrounds, colors, patterns, typography, or information.) Then comes even more brainstorming! After I figure out a bit more information I create even more lists and sketches, refining my idea to get a few options. I'll keep repeating this process until I have a good idea of what my client wants and I go back to step 1 if need be!

Step 3: Design and Adjustments

If I had superpowers, I would be “Queen Draft” or “Mock-up Monster”(depending on my mood that day). In my opinion, design is never complete, there is always a way to make something more concise or a new trend going around. I send off a project once it checks off a few of my personal criteria. Will it work for my client? Is it easy to understand and read? Will it make my client happy?


Depending on what I am hired to do, I may make a million drafts and edits or only limit it to an amount agreed upon with my client. (Of course, if it’s a painting, this process changes. There’s no undo button with paint!)


Did you know....

I'm on Redbubble!

I have a few designs you can purchase on Redbubble. They are mostly illustrations printed onto phone cases, mugs, greeting cards, and etc.  that have a little fun mixed in!

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